Join our team

We are looking for passionate fully registered psychologists and dietitians that are looking to join our small team and build a career working adults with the following presentations:

- Complex presentations with multiple diagnoses
- Eating disorders 
- Neurodivergent individuals
- Complex PTSD
- Treatment-resistant depression and anxiety
- Suicidality and self-harm
- Perfectionism and OCPD

In the capacity of a consultant role, starting of 1-2 days a week with the ability to grow their caseload if desired.

We are committed to providing treatment to individuals who either tend to be labeled as “too hard” or “too complex” or that are high functioning with perfectionistic tendencies that tend to go under the radar.

How Exhale was started

Working in an inpatient psychiatric facility, Michelle and Lucy found that it was extremely difficult to find psychologists and other mental health professionals that were competent and willing to treat patients that were presenting as high risk or with complex cases with multiple difficult to treat diagnoses. Additionally, it was also near impossible to find supervision around the treatment of this specific population group.

Exhale Psychology Centre was started with the aim of specifically targeting this population group, as well as providing support, supervision, and training for individuals looking to build a career in private practice in this area. We are also aiming to provide support for clinicians around the following:

- Navigating the complex requirements of Medicare, in particular, the Eating Disorder Management Plan
- Support and training around assisting clients with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Disability Support Pension (DSP), and the Total and Permanent Disability payout (TPD) applications and a general understanding of eligibility 
- Creating lasting relationships with referrers and building a brand with a specific area of interest
- Burnout prevention
- Sharing knowledge of local eating disorder treatment options
- Sharing understanding and knowledge of inpatient psychiatric treatment options including considering when admission may be appropriate, details around inpatient eating disorder treatment and what it looks like, and knowledge of the latest treatment for complex mental health issues including psychopharmacology, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Direct Current Stimulation (DCS), etc. 


- Special interest in eating disorders, trauma, and complex mental health issues
- Understanding that eating disorders are driven by underlying issues rather than merely a behavioural problem
- Full registration with AHPRA in the area of psychology or dietetics
- ABN (or willingness to obtain)
- Professional indemnity insurance (or willingness to obtain)
- Medicare provider number (or willingness and ability to obtain)
- Strong ability to maintain clear professional boundaries
- Ability to work autonomously and communicate well with referrers and other stakeholders
- A healthy relationship with food and the body for a minimum of two years, with the understanding that an important part of the role is modeling self-acceptance and food freedom
- Training or experience in the area of evidence-based treatment such as CBT, DBT, ACT, or schema therapy

- Experience working with eating disorders and developmental trauma
- Experience working with suicidality and self-harm


Lucy and Michelle provide supervision in the areas of eating disorders, complex PTSD, and other complex presentations.

Individual supervision is $200 per 50 minute consultation.

Group supervision or supervision paid by third parties is $250 per 50 minute consultation.
Please note that we do not provide supervision for provisional psychologists at this time.

How to express interest

Please read through our philosophy as well as the essential requirements listed above. If after reading these you believe you would be a good fit for our team, email your CV and cover letter to and we will be in touch.